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Beatport: btprt.dj/R34y8O
iTunes: bit.ly/1n5ZcEM

VIDEO: http://youtu.be/9AlfQyhz5j0

Artists: Alec Troniq & @Raumakustik
Track: All Come To Bed

Release: Alec Troniq & Raumakustik - All Come To Bed
Label: @ipoly-music
Cat.No.: IPOLY017

Once in a while Alec Troniq & Raumakustik visit each other in their studios to drink a lot of beer and argue how to bring peace to the world. Later on between passing water and cigarette, Seb begins to tickle the old keyboard. Alec bubbles „oh yeah keep going“ and staggers to the sequencer for some heavy beat and synthesizer handicrafts, while Volkman meditates about chords and instructs to have a G minor on that particular point. After many frustrating hours the three pigheads are fed up and leave confidently to have produced a lot of useless junk. Being sober on the next day, without having memories and without knowing any reason, they listen and decide: Let’s throw this out!


Artwork: www.doberlander.com

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(Reblogué depuis antillais)

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